Covered Hanger Tutorial

Covered Hanger Tutorial

This is a quick and easy project.  A matching hanger makes a hand-made garment extra special.

· A hanger that has a single arc (not shaped like a triangle)
· A small piece of fabric (a little wider than the width of your hanger x a little more than twice the height of your hanger- see 1. below)
· Small amount of pillow stuffing
· Matching thread
· Hand sewing needle

1. Measure your hanger´s width and height (not counting the hook).  Add 2-3” to the width. This gives you the width of your fabric.  Double the height measurement, then add 2”.  This is the height of your fabric.

2. Fold your fabric, right sides together, and set the hanger in the center of it with the hook above the folded edge. 

3. Draw an outline about ½” around the hanger (the larger the margin you use, the fatter and more padded it will be).  Mark the neck of the hook.

4. Unfold the fabric and extend the lines you used to mark the neck of the hanger.

5. Stitch a small buttonhole in any shape you wish.  You could do this by hand, perhaps in a circle, or a small rectangular one as shown here.  Cut buttonhole open.

6. Re-fold your fabric, right sides together with your drawn line facing up.  Stitch around your line, using a short length for the black stitches and a basting (long) stitch for the part marked in red.  Trim seam allowance to about ¼”.

7. Remove basting stitches.  Turn right side out and slide hook through the buttonhole and fit fabric over the ends of the hanger.  (Basting & removing stitches marks the seam allowance nicely for later hand sewing.)

8. Stuff with pillow stuffing and pin closed.

9. Hand sew the bottom opening closed using small stitches.

10. Done.

*You may wish to cover the hook of the hanger with ribbon and hot glue.
**You may also wish to add a bow, button, fabric flower or other embellishment to the hanger.

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