Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Start of a Destash Adventure

Here I am in Angola, Africa with my husband, 2 kids and sewing machine. 
  • I have boxes and boxes of fabric I collected the last few years as well as lots of other sewing and crafting supplies. 
  • I have no access to purchase other supplies except when we leave the country or get others to bring us stuff. 
  • And I have time. 
What should I make?

Here is my sewing room, which I am only using for storage right now (no A/C in that little out-building yet). 

Jewelry making supplies and yarn on top; fabrics I might have a plan for or just want to look at, sewing notions like trims and buttons; some patterns and other notions and threads on the table top (which is just the right size for my cutting mat); drawers of fabric underneath.

Here´s a peek inside the drawers:

Nani Iro/Echino/Special, solids, batiks, more solids 

Greens, blues, pinks, other colorful prints

 There are still some things in boxes, like warmer fabrics and clothing I hope to upcycle into something else.
And there are a few things I can´t seem to find, like my extra rotary blades and sharpener.  I´m guessing they are in one of those bags or boxes.....  I´ll get around to organizing it all eventually.  But right now, I ´m having too much fun sewing. 
Here´s my make-shift setup:

Those boxes under the table contain patterns.  The other bins are laundry (which don´t have a home yet).  I am using a spare bedside table as a chair.  Nice, huh? I´m just happy to be able to sew! When the power goes out, and we turn on the generator, I drag a very long extension cord from the living room (where the plugs work) into here.

So, that´s where I am.  I have already started making things.  I will catch you up with what I´ve made since our stuff got here in upcoming posts.  In the machine right now are my son´s monkey pjs.  He is hoping to wear them tonight, so I better get back to that...


Just Barb said...

ooohhh!! You have lots of great knit fabrics! Can't wait to see all the fun things you sew up :)

sallyb said...

I so get your need to sew no matter what! I currently sew by putting my sewing machine on the coffee table and sitting myself on the couch :) Hopeful renovations will put a stop to that soon! Looking forward to seeing all the things you sew with that gorgeous fabric :)

E.A. Hall said...

I'm excited to see what you come up with, Dawn! Will you be making things just for children or a variety?

dawnberries said...

Thank you for the kind comments! I make a variety of things. Clothing for myself and the kids, wall art. I even covered some bookshelves with fabric recently!

nanlee said...

I want to move in. I love the environment. Do you have room for bins of yarn, embroidery threads, tools and a few more boxes of fabric? I think you are thriving.

dawnberries said...

Nanlee, you need to see what´s outside our gate before you say that. It aint pretty! We walked one block to the clinic today and I was newly disgusted by all the trash all over the dirt road....