Tuesday, June 26, 2012

My Foray into Farbenmixland

So, there is this sewing pattern company in Germany called Farbenmix.  Their style is so stinkin´cute, I can barely stand it.  I long to make clothes as cute as these!  Here are a few of my absolute favorites done by others:

Is Natalie amazing or what?  I am so in awe of the cuteness and impeccable sewing!  Visit her blog to see more.
Aren´t these the cutest little dresses?!  Visit Rachel´s Flickr to see more.         
And I´m in love with these pants!       Click here to visit Suzie´s blog, no moa.
How could I not be inspired after seeing patterns to make things such as these?  A little intimidated, sure, but I just had to try!

I actually sewed my very first Farbenmix pattern last year, a skirt called Tess, but it didn´t have all the little embellishments, just an interesting shape for the pieces:

"Wax" fabrics made here, in Lubango, Angola.

I also have their book (with Studio Tantrum, an American pattern company)- Sewing Clothes Kids Love.  I have only tried the Brooklyn Tank Top so far from that book.  I made three last month:

But this was my first attempt at a full-on, all-holds-barred Farbenmix pattern.  I decided to do three pairs of pants called "Bo".  I wanted to make some for my nephew who is turning 13, but figured that I needed to try a smaller pair first, so I decided to start with a pair for my son.  I went with the 3/4 length because it´s different, and besides, it´s hot here.


Choosing the fabrics for my nephew´s proved hardest of all!  They needed to be suitable for a 13 year old (not too wacky), durable (I´ve seen him play), but still cool.  I finally settled on some navy tiny plaid, only to find that I didn´t have enough.  *sigh*  I considered other plaids, solids, old jeans..... and settled on this tan linen with brown twill (like denim) pockets.  These were my inspiration.  But alas, the linen hadn´t been washed yet, and of course the power was out (the generator powers the sewing machine, but not the washing machine or water pump).  So, I got the kids to help me hand wash the fabric...

... and while that was drying on the line, I started on these for my daughter (and finished them later):

And here are the ones I set out to make in the first place, finally done, just in time for his birthday party.

Did I mention this pattern is in German?  Well, I don´t read German, and this thing was complicated!  I would never have even finished the first pair without the help of my German friend, Karin Baker- thanks, Karin, you´re a peach!

And it just so happens that Pattern Review is having a contest through June called "One Pattern, Many Looks", so I decided I may as well enter these 3 pairs of pants in that!

One Pattern, Many Looks  Great coincidence or what?


One more thing- I decided to write my own English instructions to go along with the photo tutorial Farbenmix has on their website to make the Bo pants.  Here it is (English version) in case you need help.


Just Barb said...

all three pairs of pants are totally adorable!!!! I admire your dedication...if it were me, I would have given up on the whole project until my washing machine was working LOL...I adore how fun the prints are for your little ones, but how the solid colors on the older boy ones really showcase the craftsmanship too...beautiful!

sewing room by myNata said...

Das sind aber sehr schöne Sachen, die du da genäht hast :o) Mir gefällt besonders die grüne Bo Hose :)
Und die Kinder sind sooo sweet! Das Bild, wo sie Wäsche waschen...da musste ich schmunzeln :o)
Danke fürs verlinken!
PS: entschuldige, ich schreibe in deutsch, da ich leider nicht so gut im Englisch bin :-/
Liebe Grüße

margo said...

They look fantastic Dawn, I particularly love the pink option!
I hope you nephew loves his new pants - perfect for a 13yr old!

dawnberries said...

Thank you so much for the kind compliments!

Rachel Marie Gold said...

I love them! I mostly just have girls to sew for - but now that I have a nephew I am constantly on the look out for cute little boy clothes - I love the green spaceships!

Suzie said...

Great work. You must have been full on to make three pairs! I may have to move Bo up the list of patterns to do next.