Sunday, July 1, 2012

Fabric arts around the house

     Sometimes I like to sew things other than clothing.  The other day, I sewed what was supposed to be a solution to our paper napkin problem (I feel like they need a home).  Side note- I really like to use cloth napkins, but the vagaries of the utilities here make that not so nice.  So I made this little cube without a top, but it turned out a little bigger than I expected and a lot more girlie.  And then I thought..... I know something else that is about this size....

So now my smaller size patterns have a home, but my napkins still don´t. And I had used up the entire package of peltex or whatever that stiff stuff is that I put in the sides and bottom.....  So, I have picked out what I hope is better fabric for the dining room, but I haven´t found anything to use to stiffen up the sides and bottom yet.  I have also decided to add a lid (attached at one side) to keep the dust off.  If anyone has any suggestions of everyday things I might use that are waterproof and stiff, please let me know.

     I have made a few other things for around our house since we received our container of belongings and moved into our new house.  Here is some fabric wall art (no sewing, just gluing) the kids and I made for our living room wall:

I got the idea for this from seeing this on Pinterest.
I couldn´t just run down to Michael´s and buy a canvas, so I took 4 pieces of wood that were laying around from one of my husband´s carpentry projects, nailed them together and stretched some muslin over them.  Then the kids and I used a tiny bit of white glue to put the leaves/petals in place.  And lastly, we painted on a coat of watered down white glue.  Et voilá!

     I also made a maharaja mosquito net topper for my son.  I had brought a really cool mosquito net with us for our daughter (that I got from someone on Freecycle!), and then we bought a green one here.  But, alas, no cute thingie on top.  So, I made one, and now they both have them!

I also have some robots from that panel of fabric where I got those round thingamajigs for the teal net topper.  I plan to make those into 4 pictures for the kids´ wall.  And I have some family silhouettes I have been meaning to make for our (other) living room wall.  Just as soon as I feel like breaking out the glue again..... I ran out of steam after searching, in vain, for more white glue FOR WEEKS!  Can you imagine not being able to find any white glue anywhere to buy?

     As for now, I am gearing up for the Pattern Stash Contest on Pattern Review that runs all of July.  I have so many things planned.  Hopefully I can try out a bunch of patterns that I have been hoarding for years now...... Wish me luck!

Pattern Stash 2012


mamaslittlemonkeys said...

OMG how cute!! LOVE the wall art and the bed tents!

dawnberries said...

Thank you! In only made the green one though. I think American Girl made the purple one.