Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Pattern Stash Sleepwear

I am still very busy working on items for the Pattern Stash Contest!  I am making all sorts of things, clothing for the kids, things for around the house, clothing for me, and maybe one or two things for my husband even. 

Our washing machine has been broken for like 2 weeks now, and it is getting to be a real problem.  We are supposed to buy a new (better) one this week, so I am trying to hold out and not have to do any hand washing.  We are really running out of clean clothes and towels....... so, what did I do instead of getting my hands dirty?  I made some new stuff instead!

I made my son this robe, and he is totally in love with it!  It´s a thin, cotton woven on the outside and French terry on the inside.
He said he is never taking it off, and he has remained fairly true to his word.  The other night,  his dad took it off of him after he had fallen asleep, and when he woke up, the first thing he said was "Hey!  Where´s my robe?".  This pattern is from the book Sewing for Boys by Patterns by Figgy´s, and it is another great pattern!  There is, however, one error of omission in the instructions.  You must tape together the two pieces that make up the front of the robe before you cut out your fabric!  Sadly, I did not realize this and had to work hard to match dinosaur heads and such.... still, excellent pattern, and I´m sure my daughter will be getting one soon too.

Instead, she got a new nightgown:
This sort of looks like a 70s maxi dress to me!  To her, it´s another princess dress (as almost everything is), and I think she looks pretty cute in it!

I also made my son another pair of boxer briefs (from my own pattern).  I decided to use white and let him decorate them with fabric paint.  I could only find black.
I thought they looked really cute when he had only drawn the face...... and then he went a little nuts.  And the little sister decided to paint herself and the table cloth as well..... *sigh*  I have a feeling I am going to need to make him a few more pairs before our new washing machine is ready, but I think I´ll choose prints instead of paint next time.

Now, the power is on at the moment, so I better get back to it before it goes out again.  Wish me luck!

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narrawallee said...

Love what he did to his undies.
The nightie looks great.